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What Our Customers Are Saying

Trill was incredible to work with. I emailed Roger with a completely custom idea for my bff's wedding present (an 8x10" engraved plaque with custom lettering) and he replied so quickly with answers to...

  • Megan Brown
  • Pixie
  • May 21, 2017

Trill Enterprises

Whether running a business, doing School Fund Raisers, or hosting a Wedding; what you do is important! You think so and so do we!

Promotional Products are used to attract new business and solidify existing relationships, raise funds for School Clubs and Non-Profits, and reward customers and employees. AND they make excellent Wedding Party Favors.

Choosing the right Promotional Product is incredibly important but so is choosing a supplier who will help you select that "just right" product then manage all the moving parts to make sure you get what you need in a cost effective and timely manner.

Let Trill Enterprises help you succeed!

We deliver top-of-the-line products that are designed to your requirements, and we do it in a timely manner. Whatever you're looking for, we have it.

Promotional products are more than just freebies. They are:

  • A marketing goldmine that will keep you ahead of your competition and leave your customers with a memorable impression.
  • Truly cost effective and popular products ideally suited to School and Club fund raising.
  • Realistic and affordable alternatives to wedding party favors.
  • Perfect for Baby Showers, family reunions, or any group activity.

Whether you need pens or themed shirts, bam-bams or pom-poms, magnets or lanyards, tumblers or calendars; we’ve got you covered!

Choose from our thousands of products and upload your design straight to our website. Want your logo on a calendar? Done. Want your face on a fidget spinner? Why not? We guarantee to make the highest quality products that are customized to your liking.

Take a look around and feel free to chat us up if you have any questions


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